Monday, 7 September 2009


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This is a start of our attempt to wargame the war using Front Rank 40mm figures, the images are some of those taken by various Redcoat members over the last 18 months, they detail some of the places visited.

1) Guilford Courthouse, the second line.
2) Fusiliers Redoubt, Yorktown.
3) At Kings Mountain.
4) Road marker Camden, SC.
5) Redoubt 10, Fort Benning Ga.
6) Front Rank Officer, Nco's and Drummer.
7) Front Rank firing line British.
The images of the 40mm Front Rank Figures show the figures near to completion, one thing we are seeing in converting from 25mm to 40mm is the time taken to paint them, these are going to be part of a yellow faced generic battalion for the Boston Garrison of 1775.
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