Monday, 14 September 2009

These two images show some of the new 40mm AWI buildings from Grand Manner, it was good catching up with Dave, these new buildings are actually designed by "Tony" who is Dave's oppo in this venture, Grand Manner do the casting.

I spoke with both Dave and Tony about what is planned for the range, it seems that there will be around 25 models altogether, sometime ago I gave them a disc with many images I had taken to help with the design of buildings for the AWI, the ones I had taken of the re-created "Hobkirk Farm" at the Tannenbaum Historical Park NC, assisted in its design.

There are now around 16 items currently in the range, as with all Grand Manner models well worth the investment.

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Tony said...

Tony Here!

Thanks for the images and the chat at Newbury. As you know there are now around nearly twenty individual pieces available via Grand Manner, see;

And I'm working on a series of buildings and outbuilding based on Dudley Digges House - the photos you gave Dave. The Kitchen, Granary, Smokehouse and well are nearly complete. The main house will take a bit longer!

My current painting project is painting the Old belfry at Lexington - painting it as seen in a 1960's post card, brown with the white tourist sign above the door (not white as seen at the time of the battle) and mounted on a diorama base. It should be up on my Blog soon.


Colonel Tavington said...


Just catching up on my blog as I have not looked in on it for a while, I had to think where the Dudley Digges House is! Of course.... Yorktown! To many place visited and not taking it all in!

Just been looking on your blog as I picked up on a link from a post on TMP.

Not enought time you know!

Redcoat37th (aka Paul)