Sunday, 27 April 2008

Cowpens and Kings Mountain 2007

I visited these two sites while working in Atlanta during July 2007, the reason I want to return is twofold weather and camera problems, back in the good old day of point and shoot film camera's I never had this kind of trouble.

Some of my shots of the interiors of the visitors centre's are a little blurry.

A Travelling Redcoat

Travelling Redcoat's

So where have we been……….

The US and Canada, we try to take in as many AWI and ACW battle sites as we can and any other places of interest:-

AWI - Saratoga, Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth Courthouse, Fort Niagara, Fort Stanwix, Bordentown (occupation weekend with BAR), Williamsburg, Yorktown, Guilford Courthouse, Cowpens, Kings Mountain and Jersey the channel Islands, we did two events there with a group of re-enactors as part of the invasion of Jersey.

ACW – Fredericksberg, Gettysburg, Richmond and associated sites, Atlanta's cyclorama and Kennesaw Mountain.

War of 1812 – Fort Erie, Fort George, Fort York, Lundys Lane, Chippawa, Queenston Heights, Butlers Barracks and Stoney Creek, one of us have been in Canada for a couple of months and managed quite a few visits to the Niagara area which rates as one of our most loved areas we have been to so far, from Richmond to Yorktown Virginia rates pretty high as well.

Portland Oregon have Fort Vancouver, "the fort that fur built" this is a National Parks site and is a very good example of a stockade type fort.

We also have a deep interest with the USMC and Royal Marines, we have been to the Royal Marines museum in Eastney Portsmouth, in 2006 one of us worked out of Richmond Virginia for around a month and visited the USMC Museum at Quantico, what can be said but absolutely outstanding.

There are other places that I have visited some are listed here, there are also many other places that I have been to but not much there floated my boat, Russia – Moscow and St Petersburg (worth a weekend away), Greece – Thermopylae, Belgium – Ypres, France – Normandy, Northern Spain and Portugal, Gibraltar and South Africa.

We will post more as time goes by...................

Monday, 21 April 2008

Who are Redcoats at WAR

We are small group of like minded individuals who are interested in the wars fought by the British Army between 1700 and present day. Our current projects see our group raising armies to fight the Boer War and the American Revolution, over the last few years we have accumulated a wide variety of books and relevant information relating to these two periods.

We intend to post our progress as we endeavour in preparing to hit the wargames circuit with two demostration games that we hope to show in 2009, we will also post some general information of the two periods we are currently covering, our little group is made up of wargamers and a couple of re-enactors who also like to wargame.

In the past we have staged games using 25mm figures for the American Revolution, Crimean War, 7th&8th Cape Wars and World War I, inspiration comes from Tarletons Quarter and Touching History for the AWI, these have to be two of the best sites showing a very high standard of figures and terrain.

Col. Tavington