Monday, 21 April 2008

Who are Redcoats at WAR

We are small group of like minded individuals who are interested in the wars fought by the British Army between 1700 and present day. Our current projects see our group raising armies to fight the Boer War and the American Revolution, over the last few years we have accumulated a wide variety of books and relevant information relating to these two periods.

We intend to post our progress as we endeavour in preparing to hit the wargames circuit with two demostration games that we hope to show in 2009, we will also post some general information of the two periods we are currently covering, our little group is made up of wargamers and a couple of re-enactors who also like to wargame.

In the past we have staged games using 25mm figures for the American Revolution, Crimean War, 7th&8th Cape Wars and World War I, inspiration comes from Tarletons Quarter and Touching History for the AWI, these have to be two of the best sites showing a very high standard of figures and terrain.

Col. Tavington

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