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The 45 - The Government Army


C IN C @ 100 points only one per army.

General for the German contingent @ 50 points up to one.

Subordinate General as the second in command he can also act as an infantry or cavalry brigade commander @ 50pts up to one.

British brigade commander only 1 per brigade or “formed line” @ 50points up to three.

Field officer to command a cavalry or infantry regiment or sub section of either @ 20points up to three
two per brigade or “formed line”.

German or Dutch brigade commander @ 40points up to two per three battalions.

Up to 2 artillery officers each one to command a battery @ 40 points.


5 figures for Cumberland’s bodyguard of “HUSSARS” light trained cavalry that can also skirmish, there is no cost to upgrade as skirmishers.
@ 10 points per figure.
This unit can only be used when Cumberland is commanding the army.

6 to 15 figures of dragoons of raw line heavy cavalry, elements of 3 figures per troop, two troops per squadron.
@ 8points per figure
2 points to make raw line heavy cavalry as trained line heavy cavalry @10 pts per figure .

5 to 12 figures of trained light volunteer cavalry “Kingstons” , elements of 3 figures per troop, two troops per squadron.
@ 10points per figure.
1 point to allow volunteer cavalry to act as skirmishers, all or none of the regiment .


12 to 24 figures of raw line infantry, elements of 4 figures per stand each representing one company.
@ 3points per figure
1 point to make raw line infantry as trained line total @ 4pts per figure
1 point to make trained line infantry as veteran line total @ 5pts per figure

6 to 24 figures of raw irregular charging soldier infantry armed with muskets @ 4points per figure, organised as a battalion.
1 point to make raw as trained irregular charging soldier infantry @ 5pts per figure.

6 to 20 raw loyalist or government militia infantry @ 3points per figure.
1 point to make them raw irregular militia infantry.

20 to 30 figures of raw line German “Hessians” or Dutch infantry @ 3points per figure.


1 to 3 light medium guns to be deployed in one battery or in a mixed battery each with 4 trained crew, 4 horses, a limber and a levy driver, @ 53 points with limber.

Up to 6 light guns with 3 crew, 2 horses, a limber and a levy driver, @ 29 points if raw, @ 32 points if trained , deployed in two batteries or issued as battalion guns up to half or all .

Up to 2 Coehorn mortars to a artillery battery, each mortar with 2 trained crew, @ 10 points per mortar


One light medium howitzer with 3 trained crew, a limber, 4 horses and levy drivers @ 53 points.

CHARACTER GENERALS (at no extra cost, these in fact replace the C in C)

General Sir John Cope classed as “CAUTIOUS”

General Henry Hawley, classed as “RASH”

William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland commander at Cullodon, classed as “BOLD”


1. The C in C can only act as the army commander, unless a brigade officer is directly replaced by him or killed, there is only 1 C in C and 1 Subordinate general. They can command troops of either infantry or cavalry or both with 1 general per brigade of cavalry, infantry and artillery .
Brigades of infantry consist of up to six battalions of any foot and cavalry brigades of up to four squadrons.

2. Artillery can be deployed as a battery with its own commander or placed under the command of the subordinate general.

3. For an army of 2200 points, 1 C in C and a subordinate general are needed.

4. An officers influence is tested for before the start of the game, the test is as per the rules for the British 1 or 2 is cautious, 3,4 or 5 bold, 6 rash and for German/Dutch 1,2,3 or 4 cautious 5 bold and 6 rash.
Or you can use the character generals from the top of this page. Field officers are used to command at regimental or detached element level, they can only control the unit for which they are placed into base contact with, these officers influence can be counted as per the other officers.

5. If you choose to use the standard army list then you can have up to 18 battalions of infantry with two of these classed as veteran line, but only if the entire army is British, with only one trained to two raw battalions within the army, the army must have at least 50% of its line infantry as raw.

6. With using the army list up to 4 regiments of dragoons (line heavy cavalry) can be used, only 50% can be trained cavalry, and only 4 troops of cavalry to 3 battalions of infantry can be used. If using volunteer cavalry (Kingston’s light horse) only two other dragoon regiments can be used. The cavalry can be deployed by squadrons, but each has to be under the control of a field officer.

7. Up to 6 battalions of mercenary infantry can be used in the army but they must have their own national general commanding them.

8. Up to 2 battalions of loyalist militia can also be fielded.

9. Up to 2 battalions of Highland Infantry, one of the Argyll Militia and the other the 64th or Loudons Highlanders, up to one per six battalions of British lines.

10.There can be mixed batteries of artillery with only one light medium to two light guns fielded in the army

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