Monday, 11 October 2010

It's been a while.........................................

Sorry for the lack of posts what with one thing and another, we are currently working on a couple of posts at the moment, Captain "Darling" Stevens was supposed to be working on a series of threads relating to his visit to Boston and Saratoga and his partner (not literally, although close but not that close) Redcoat37th have both supposed to have supplied me with something to post.

Summer visit’s have been to Colours, Fairford, Tankfest, Blue Licks and Fort Necessity so there is plenty to fill you in on as well as anything RevWar thats is brewing in the pot. There is also the “MylesStevens” Boer War project and I also believe an ACW one (I can’t understand the interest in either personally!!??!!)

I have also been away for a while sunning myself in various parts of the Kings Colonies.


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