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40’s in your 40’s, Wargaming in 40mm.5

The organisation and economics of an infantry regiment of 1775 – 1777, Part 5: The British

Front Rank 40’s - Figures and Company details, 1:1 37th Regiment of Foot

8 Line Companies, 32 Rank and file, split into 4 sections, 2 sections per platoon of 12

3 Corporals, 2 Sergeants, 1 Drummer and 2 Officers

Centre company marching - company composition (x 4)

Figure Code Description Qauntity

40a1 Centre Coy marching 32

40a2 Corporal marching 3

40a14 Drummer boy adv shouldered drum 1

40a17 Sergeant Fusil 1

40a21 Officer marching with fusil 1 or

40a22 Officer marching with sword 1 or

40a24 Sergeant charging with fusil 1

40a20 Officer advancing waving sword 1 or

Centre company firing - company composition (x 2)
Figure Code Description Qauntity

40a2 Corporal marching or use 40a5 3

40a4 Centre coy firing 24

40a5 Standing at porte 3

40a6 Handle cartridge 3

40a7 Biting cartridge 3

40a13 Drummer, playing 1

40a17 Sergeant, fusil 1

40a18 Officer, spontoon 1 or

40a19 Officer, fusil waving hat 1 or

40a21 Office, fusil marching 1 or

40a25 Sergeant, halberd 1

Centre company advancing “charged bayonets” - company composition (x 2)
Figure Code Description Quantity
40a2 Corporal marching or use converted figures 3

40a8 Adv, musket at low porte 11

40a9 Adv, musket at porte 10

40a10 Attacking, leveled musket 6

40a11 Attacking, musket at porte 5

40a12 Attacking, musket at porte hat falling off 1

40a17 Sergeant, fusil 1

40a20 Officer advancing waving sword can also be used 1or

40a22 Officer marching with sword 1or

40a23 Officer / Std Bearer, charging spontoon / flag pole 1or

40a25 Sergeant, charging fusil 1

40a26 Drummer charging 1


40a5 can be used for an Nco with the addition of a Corporals knot to the shoulder, also a sash can be added for a Sergeant, late war use of the sword may have or would have been dropped by many sergeants there is some evidence to suggest this.

Front Rank produce 3 figures for standard bearers, we didn’t want two figures the same in the colour parties of each regiment therefore I did a couple of alterations on 3 of the figures.

40A15 right arm was removed at the elbow as was Officer 40A18 right arm these were then put on the others “stump” giving me two standing flag bearers, I plan to do the same with the figures for the fusilier colour parties, also head swaps will also be needed.

The other figure was Officer 40A23, this figure is listed as “Officer/Standard Bearer charging with spontoon/flag pole”, if a flag is fitted/glued to this figure the flag pole is at an odd and somewhat low angle in my opinion, this figure has been paired with “40A16 Standard Bearer advancing” in a colour party for the 38th Foot, so with a bit of cutting and filing the right arm has been raised up to give a near vertical flag pole, some back filling was required and green stuff was used.

With Fusiliers now available in the range head swaps on both the Fusilier Sergeants (40A109/40A110) and Officers (40A113 & 40A114), also the centre company corporal figure “40A2” can be used to give a Fusilier Corporal, when purchasing Front Rank British Fusiliers you will get three heads to choose from this gives plenty of scope.

Also we are going to do a conversion on the Sergeant figure “40A25”, this centre company figure comes armed with a Halberd, he will be given a suitable fusilier head, the 5th Foot were not an official fusilier regiment at the time, it appears they were given the honour of wearing the fusilier caps after the SYW.

So expect to see both the 5th and 23rd Foot on the table when we finally field our troops, these two regiments have been raised on a 1:10 strength, both Messer’s Miles and Stevens are currently raising each respectively.

With these conversion’s done I left it up to the afore mentioned to paint them.


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