Friday, 12 April 2013

Black Tree Design - Part.1

Funny how it goes! We were talking about the Zulu War and what we would have to do to have a go at raising forces for the Natal, it was then I remembered that I have some of the old Harlequin range, raising Zulu’s would be expensive and I wanted to cover the 1st Boer War or Transvaal War, I thought about treading water with the Zulu conflict to see if the others would actually commit to the Zulu period.

Dug out the Harlequin figures and set about a search for additional items to add to what I have, Harlequins are now Black Tree Design (BTD), being some years ago that I originally purchased these I was somewhat cautious about worn moulds and poor figures.

So with the 32 British and 19 Boers sat ready on the painting table and armed with 35% discount offer I hit the Black Tree website and ordered up some of the aforementioned two nation’s.

The order came very promptly from BTD, as for the figures the years have been good to them as they matched in very well with the originals, yes there is a problem with the British and the service helmets but with a file and some head swaps this is pretty easy to resolve.

I like the BTD range and plan on adding to it, hence another order has just been sent for more British forces, these will be the last for a while from Black Tree.

Now I am at a fork in the road........... I want to vary and add to the period!

Redoubt Enterprises Zulu Wars range is extensive but posses are limited, their figures are somewhat larger than BTD.

Empress Miniatures range I believe are somewhat smaller than BTD’s.

Having searched on the web I see some mix all the above into the Zulu War cooking pot, I cannot make up my mind where to go on this, I think I might wait until Salute and take a look in the flesh.


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