Saturday, 27 March 2010


We are currently finalising the Boston trip, having a free morning I have just booked the hire car, this was the last thing that needed to be arranged, the only other thing to do now is sort out the British Economy so that we can get a better rate on the $USD!!??!!

After Boston we will be planning on attending the first Partizan with a game!

Sorry to those that read our blog but owing to work and my love of another hobby I have been a bit lapse in up-dating the blog!

Heading towards the grand old age of 45 I decided to make a return to my other hobby, I have now been able to play 6 games since Christmas with weather and work allowing, this was after an 18 month lay-off owing to a bad back and a broken hand!

Redcoat 37th

Tadley 3rd team


Tony said...

Hi Paul,

Great to meet up with you earlier today. I hope that the issues with the computer worked out.


Colonel Tavington said...

Tony, I had to go back to the factory to sort out their mistake!

Finally got home around 10pm! All the new models are pretty outstanding!

The Tavern is a personnal favourate! I hope we will be able to get to Partizan at the end of May with a game!

Keep up the good work!