Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Before Christmas Redcoat37th was fortunate to visit Grand Manner for the day, he says.......

The visit was to collect some items I was unable to get owing to missing Warfare (Rivermeade, Reading). The plan was to do a photo shoot on the terrain boards of Dave Bodley of Grand Manner and meet up with Tony who designed and built all the master models for the 40mm range of AWI buildings.

While there I was able to see some of the new 28mm AWI buildings due for release in the early part of 2010, some of these new buildings are in fact copies of the 40mm buildings that have been made by Tony but for the 28mm range, there are some very nice building coming and the tavern he has produced looks fantastic, it is just a shame it’s not in 40mm as I would like one, I did ask for a price on a 40mm model of this tavern as a one off...... but it is mega £££££'s, however I will settle for the 28mm one to go with my smaller 28mm AWI scale collection.

The tavern is very good, anyone who games the AWI in 28mm will want one, our very own travelling redcoat supplied some of the images that Tony used in making the master model, I don’t want to reveal what the building is but just keep an eye out on the Grand Manner website or Tony’s blog.


This image is the 37th and 42nd foot at Firle Place, this is a blast from the past, Messer's Stribling, Harris and Miles (The Travelling Redcoat) are the three members of the 37th on the right of this picture. Firle Place in Sussex was the home of Thomas Gage, this event was my first meeting with these three Redcoats, there were/are others in the group.



As for 2010, well a small part of our group are planning a trip to the States and some of the others as well as the travellers plan on being at Partizan with a game in support of both Grand Manner and Front Rank.

Keep an eye on the blog as we will start to post a bit more regular as we lead up to the events planned in April and May of this year.

We also visited the National Army Museum (NAM) in London just before Christmas, the museum now appears to have completed all the refurbishment work of the last year and have moved as well as added more to the AWI section, this section is now on the lower ramp where you will find two full size figures, there is still the Queens Rangers Rifleman which has now been joined by a certain Roger Lamb in his 9th Foot uniform at the time of Burgoyne's 1777 campaign, the NAM do not allow photography sadly!?! The NAM is worth a visit just to look at these two items, the bookshop was also selling copies of Simcoe's journal in paperback, however this copy does not have the maps you will find in the hard back copy that is in the possession of some of our group.

We are also looking at a weekend of all things Revolutionary War (AWI) later in the year, are there any other RevWar enthusiasts who would like to join in and stage a game or even a lecture, please contact us at my email address.

The second image has members of both the 10th (USA) and 37th (UK) forming up to take part in the 225th at Yorktown, image supplied the travelling redcoat.

Just as a post note, the members of the 37th Foot are still about, if you would like any information relating to the AWI I would consider asking these guys, they have been together for quite a while doing this period well before many of us.

Colonel Tavington


Tony said...

Dampf here.

The 28mm Tavern is now finished and with Dave for moulding and casting, if you want to see pictures - e-mail me at;

Sorry that the 40mm version comes out so expensive, but I think you will agree that as a labour of love, the 28mm version took nearly two months, in fact over two months to complete.

Next time we meet - ask me for a proper quote and if you will live with no internal detail, I'll see if I can get you a custom job! But no promises.

My desk is full of part made projects, but you will be pleased to know that Dudley Digges Farm is being worked on - well the outbuildings anyway.

Hope to see you very soon.


Colonel Tavington said...

Hi Tony, Have been meaning to get back to both Dave and yourself, I would still like to meet up again at soem point at Dave's again as was discussed! However I have approached the organisors or Partizan 1 to stage a game there! I have a week off in February so plan on getting on with getting a demo game ready! I am currently in Germany for a while but hope to be back sometime at the end of this week! I will drop Dave and yourself an email on my return, I haven't put your email address into my contacts yet, it is still on my work table at home!


Tony said...

No problem!

I hope the trip to Germany goes well and I look forward to meeting with you at Dave's in Feb.